Valentine’s Day in Houston Texas

Valentine’s Day is not just for couples, it’s a holiday that appeals to also families and friends.  It revolves around anyone wishing to celebrate the joys of being in love.  What was once dominated by couples is now widely celebrated.  The traditional option was dining out, but today you’ll notice events organized with all ages in mind.  In Houston, Texas a there’s a variety of events to attend, here are a few:



Masquerade Ball - Houston 2016


blended movie.jpg

Central Green Date Night in the Park, Movie Night with Music and Desserts

Source: Central Green

Residents at Terra at Piney Point have a beautiful outdoor setting option if they wish to stay home and celebrate. Furnished with a gas grill and seating, this oak tree setting is very attractive.

Outdoor Tree, at nightTP Resident Park

Join the Terra at Piney Point Family – call 877-469-1795

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