New Year’s Resolutions you’re more likely to keep in 2016

Everyday active options – It’s much easier to incorporate activity into your daily/weekly routine if you plan in advance. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or parking far from an entrance are easy ones.  Try some new-age ideas, listed below:

  • While your son or daughter plays a soccer game, walk around the field.
  • If you dine out on your lunch hour, walk to a restaurant on a route that takes you a little bit out of your way.
  • During commercials, jog in place. A 150-pound woman can burn up to 45 calories in 5 minutes.

Studies prove that adding active elements to your day supports being more fit and healthier.  Researchers also say adding convenient changes increases your chances on being successful.


Patience is your Friend – One major mental block to living a fit lifestyle, and implementing healthy habits, is wanting too much, too fast.  Instant gratification is society driven, and it’s strong.  Best results happen when patience and realistic goals are set.  If you wish to loss 15lbs, go 5 pounds at a time.  As mentioned above, implement easy changes to increase the chance of achieving your goals.


Putting together an easygoing plan – Once you’ve implemented points one and two from above, you’re well on your way to successfully enhancing your everyday life, and healthy food is the last remaining point.  Slowing changing the way you eat is so much easier to enjoy vs a cold-turkey swap.  Below are some fun food alternatives:

  • Substitute Peanut Butter for Almond
  • Replace Mayo with Mustard
  • Enjoy a cup of green tea
  • Try coconut oil vs. canola oil
  • Replace potato chips for popcorn
  • After a workout drink coconut water


Adding a physical fitness plan, up to 4 days a week, is recommended and Terra at Piney Point can help.  With a fully-equipped fitness center, and spacious pool, adding cardio or weight training is super easy.

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